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Pandora Hearts 10

Echo’s voice sounds familiar…It’s Alice Carroll!!!  XD

Even if I don’t mind seiyuu that much, the voice was unmistakable.  I was half-expecting Echo to say Dekkai~something2x.  Hehehe.

And this show just leaves me hankering for more after every episode.  I should have realized that anything related to Alice in Wonderland must have some potential for awesomeness.



Pandora Hearts 01

An offshoot of my liking .hack/SIGN.  I was searching for similar shows; the other .hack series weren’t that appealing.  So I found Pandora Hearts’ rating on MAL encouraging.  The biggest plus was Yuki Kajiura.

The first ep was intriguing.

This show came out in the spring of 2009.  I wonder why I skipped checking this out last time.  But I can say that the title was a turn-off.