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Bakuman 18-19

After these two episodes, I’m thinking of just reading the manga.

This series is just a contradiction.  It’s realistic and unrealistic at the same time.  The realistic part pertains to how the manga in this series are made.  The unrealistic part is the relationship between Miho and Mashiro.  Their relationship comes off as being too idealistic.

I also don’t like how Mashiro is so chicken he can’t use his own name for his manga.  Also, out of the characters in Bakuman, Miho’s personality to me is still not clear enough.  She’s shy, but what is she really thinking??  Even we know what Hagu thinks in Honey and Clover.  Are we even sure Miho’s really thinking?  XD

Unfortunately I haven’t seen (or noticed) Bakuman manga on my fave bookstore’s shelves.  And it will also compete with other books for the skimpy book budget that I have this year.  =(


Enjoying anime music on a Christmas day

For a couple of days now I’ve been listening to the songs that I missed out on these past 2 years.  It was only this year that I really started listening and watching the OPs and EDs of the anime I’m watching.  I have this habit of fast-forwarding if I don’t like the first few seconds of the OP/ED.  And when I do get those OP/ED releases, I usually pay attention only to the particular song that was used in the OP or ED.  The only exceptions being Honey and Clover (I&II), Beck, and Simoun.  These 3 shows already have excellent soundtracks and it was just natural for me to listen and reminisce.  For the rest, I didn’t really care that much.