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Year-end musical musings

I totally forgot my playlist on Christmas day, all I remember is listening to Ayaka’s Sing to the Sky.  The rest of the Christmas day playlist I don’t remember anymore.

What other things caught my ear?  Well I was rewatching Strawberry Panic, and finally I recognized the piano piece that Shizuma and Nagisa played together for the first time (episode 6).  It was La priere d’une vierge by Badarzewska, and I recognized it because it was also on the Best of Best – 2006 – Classical Piano Music playlist that I occassionally listen to.  I only recognized it now because I never listened to classical music back when I watched Strawberry Panic.   Shizuma also played part of Moonlight by Beethoven.  The rest (if any) I don’t recognize due to my limited knowledge of classical piano music.

The Piano PanicIt’s always a piano

In the first episode of Hyakko, I also recognized Vivaldi’s Winter I (Allegro non molto), during the lost in the campus sequence.  I was really happy I finally recognized it.

On the other hand, one piece was over-used in Touch.  I’m talking about Heroique (Polonaise No. 6) by Chopin.  Used as the music for Minami’s gymnastics sequence, at first I enjoyed it very much.  But after countless repitition, it became annoying.  Thank God they changed the music near the end.


Enjoying anime music on a Christmas day

For a couple of days now I’ve been listening to the songs that I missed out on these past 2 years.  It was only this year that I really started listening and watching the OPs and EDs of the anime I’m watching.  I have this habit of fast-forwarding if I don’t like the first few seconds of the OP/ED.  And when I do get those OP/ED releases, I usually pay attention only to the particular song that was used in the OP or ED.  The only exceptions being Honey and Clover (I&II), Beck, and Simoun.  These 3 shows already have excellent soundtracks and it was just natural for me to listen and reminisce.  For the rest, I didn’t really care that much.