Anime blog just for myself


Because Cute Proxy’s Anime Rants is too cluttered in my eyes, I have decided to start this one.  Actually I just recycled another blog that was supposed to be a blog about sports.  Unfortunately I do not watch that much sports anymore.  I was thinking of using tumblr, but it’s such a hassle trying to maintain a blog in another site.  So Anything Goes Side Blog was born.

When I started this side blog, I wanted to experiment with a new and hassle-free blogging style.  So, no pictures (unless if the post is about a picture itself;  which I might do someday).  No tl;dr posts too.  Also, most of the post are composed on Notepad/Notepad++, then saved on composition day, and posted on some later date.  I keep the original composition day.

A little later I decided to move the posts from my other blog, The 2nd Gig, here.  Because I thought I wanted to start things anew.

No anonymous comments allowed, because I hate to check for spam.


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