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Saki 01

After a long time I logged back in to Crunchy Roll.  A lot had changed since I first joined up, and unfortunately it no longer is an interesting place to go to for my anime needs.

So I decided to watch an episode of Saki.  Sad to say I found it annoying at times.  Add the fact that I am not knowledgeable about mahjong.  However, I’m not saying it’s a big obstacle to my enjoyment of the show.  I remember watching Shion no Ou, and despite not understanding whatever was happening in the games I was still able to enjoy watching it.

Someday, if somebody shoves a complete season 1 in my face and forces me to watch it, maybe I’ll watch it.  Someday.


Crazy for Sayonara no Tsubasa…


Sheryl x Alto is official!! XD

I have been listening to the Macross Frontier movie songs ever since I finished Sayonara no Tsubasa.  I think I’m still on cloud 9.  I’m not sure if I can post lyrics though.

Angel Beats 01

At 7:14, I gave up.

The character designs are too generic.

The high school setting is too generic.

It’s not that funny.  Perhaps my perception of otaku-pandering has diminished my enjoyment.

But the most negative point must be the generic character designs.  Another one of those ‘Oh yeah I was right to ignore this in the first place.’  (Mental note:  must make the tag.)

Gokinjo Monogatari Ends

Spoiling myself with the wikipedia entry was bad.  It did not let me enjoy the ending of Gokinjo Monogatari.  I was really looking forward to the scene where Body-ko marries her childhood friend Shuichi.  Anyway it was a good series over-all in spite of the fact that it was quite old.  The age shows not only in the animation but with music.  But it made me want to watch Paradise Kiss again.  However, with the ‘no re-watch’ policy in effect, I’ll have to rein in the urge.

Pretear 01

At 1:30, I stopped it.

Once those other ‘magical’ creatures appeared I was turned off.

I was probably not that interested yet because finishing Gokinjo Monogatari was on my mind.  Perhaps I will give it another try in the future.

Bakuman Update

I did it!  I caught up with the latest Bakuman chapter.  I finally read the sexism that had been talked about.  However I wouldn’t have noticed it if I had been reading this years earlier.  This manga is really about the boys.  But I hate Saiko.

Gokinjo Monogatari 16

Best episode I’ve seen so far.  Focuses on Body-Ko and the heartbreak from her unrequited, undeclared love.  I found myself sympathizing with her.